Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Chinese Textile Adventure talk

Tonight I'm giving my new talk for the first time, 'A Chinese Textile Adventure', which is (mainly!) about my trip to China in 2015.  I'm using a new projector which a much higher resolution than the one we have for World Textile Day, so I'm hoping the images will look just as good on a large screen as they do on my wall.

As well as the slideshow, I'm taking the pieces of embroidery and batik I brought back from my trip, and a few other pieces from my collection.  I don't have anything like as much in the way of Chinese textiles as I do Japanese, but I started collecting when I was a student, just things that came my way.  Unfortunately I won't be including these two, as I still haven't unpacked them from the house move and I'm not sure which box they are in (there are still many costume boxes to unpack...)

The talk is in Inverness tonight, with Highland Quilters.

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