Thursday, 13 October 2016

Darelle's Dryslwyn Dreams

Darelle Castelow sent me a photo of her version of Dryslwyn Dreams, which was my version of a quilt that used to be in Jen Jones's collection.  Re the fabrics, she says -

I've done this much and have next colours sorted.  I got into a threesome   red cream red pink.   Have to be more accurate... but  I don't guarantee to get it finished for a while.

I used fabrics from a Richmond Red layer cake, Nancy Gere 1875 JR,  Jane Austen, Dutch Heritage, Victoria Park, 1840 Birds & Basics, New England Museum and others with no selvedge/name.    The filler is Pearl Essence.  Hmmm might call it Dryslwyn Essence...

It is looking beautiful in this warmer colour scheme, which reminds me a bit of the reds and browns I used for Cinnabar and Nutmeg.  Always a winning combination for antique inspired quilts.   I hope I get to see a photo of it finished - I can wait!  Thanks very much for the photo of work so far.

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