Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Fiona's ukiyo-e quilt

Fiona Fitheridge showed me some photos of her fab completed ukiyo-e fabric quilt this morning on Facebook, so I asked if I could share them here.  I brought the fabric back from my last trip to Tokyo.  I think the prints are all by Utamaro.  Although it looks a bit like some of the Kona Bay ukiyo-e print fabrics, it is a different brand.  I liked the colours in the prints - very restrained, Autumnal colours, with touches of orange.  I bought a panel for each of us, but I haven't had time to make mine up yet.

Fiona added some applique blocks from my Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks book.  I don't think I'll have time to do anything like this for my quilt.  It is all hand quilted too.  I love the colour and block combinations.

She might recognise the border fabric though, as we got the same wide backing fabric at the Spring Quilt Festival in Edinburgh two years ago!  I am also planning to use mine in the border, as well as for the backing. Mine might use a version my 'Japanese Circles and Squares' blocks, as they would be quick to make.  It might be a spring project...

I'm a bit busy at the moment doing things like these -

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