Tuesday, 8 November 2016

West Country Quilt Show and the MaoNan Textile Ladies

I will be on stand 48 at the West Country Quilt Show in Bristol this weekend, demoing sashiko, and have entered Sidmouth Revisited (above) into the competition.

Angel Yao is coming to the show with some of the MaoNan Textile Ladies.  That's the group who made the blocks for this quilt when I went to China in 2015.  I'm taking the quilt with me so she can take it back with her.  I'm not sure at the moment whose stand it will be displayed on, but I am sure it will be somewhere!


These are some of the patchwork things that the MaoNan group have made since my course.  I think they are also going to be demonstrating traditional embroidery, but I won't know exactly what they are going to be showing/demoing until we meet up again on Thursday.

UPDATE - As far as I know, Angel and Ting have arrived safely in the UK.  Bad news re the embroidery demonstrators however.  One of them could not get a visa and, without her, the other embroiderer we had coming didn't want to make the trip (a bit understandable when it is your first big international trip).  So there will be an exhibition of their work, Angel and Ting are going to wear MaoNan costume, but unfortunately neither of them is an embroidery expert!  I am really disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing some of the Textile Ladies over here.  Once we know exactly what the visa problem was, I may suggest trying again in a few years' time - maybe coming to Edinburgh.  We will see.


magsramsay said...

See you there! Ian and I will be coming Saturday and Sunday to steward Cwilt Cymru exhibition. I also have a piece in CQ 'On the Edge'

Susan Briscoe said...

Will be good to see you. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see the exhibitions before the show opens each day.