Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Last week's sashiko workshops

I had a full week of travel, talks and workshops, visiting Leicestershire and Norfolk.  Both Cosby Quilters near Leicester and Flying Geese quilters in Snettisham did my Introduction to Shonai Sashiko workshop.  I didn't get photos of their work but, for once, I did take some photos of my workshop samples - a mixture of the ones I've done for my Yuza Sashiko sampler with my regular groups and ones where I've experimented with fabrics and thread colours.  The photo above shows Cosby Quilters hard at work.

Here's Flying Geese busy stitching.

This lovely panel was made previously by one of their members.

I gave two talks, for Leicester Quilters and the Cosby group.  As I was showing Cosby some of my quilts inspired by traditions (of various kinds), there were quite a number of large quilt tops in the talk.  I must get these tacked up and quilted soon!

In between the talks and workshops, I had a day off and went with my host Jo to her embroidery group, where we made little leaves using Lutradur (sorry, no photos of those!)  I also managed to add some more quilting to Sidmouth Revisited, in time for it to be sent to the West Country Quilt Show.

I added hearts in the corners and beech leaves in the outer borders, all with doubled outlines. It is easier to see the quilting from the back of course. I still want to add a lot more quilting before it goes off to a few shows next year.  At 95in square approx., there is a lot of quilt to cover.

Having the hanging sleeve on the quilt in time for my second talk meant we could at least hang it up.  It is a heavy quilt, so that spared out gallant quilt holders a little.


Susie Q said...

I don't remember seeing anything about the tea house this summer. Are you using it?

Susan Briscoe said...

The summerhouse isn't quite finished to use as workspace yet, but I am using it for fabric storage (and dolls house storage!) I wasn't at home much over the summer, so we couldn't get much done towards finishing off the interior this year. Once spring comes around, we'll get back to it. It's too cold and damp to work comfortably outside at the moment - paint doesn't dry and the interior paneling would probably shrink once the heating goes on if we added it now.