Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Little Adventures in Tokyo

On January 2nd, we walked along the banks of the Sumida River towards Sumida Park and then Asakusa.  Even the river boats have New Year decorations - this one had a small kadomatsu at the prow.

A lot of the people wearing kimono around Asakusa look like they have been to the local rental studios.

We went to Ushijima Shrine again, next to Sumida Park, where we did our proper Hatsumode (first shrine visit of the year).

It was much busier than on New Year's eve (the sacred cow statue on our previous visit is below).


We got a hanaya arrow - 'demon arrow' - against bad luck in 2017.

New Year's eve (below).

On our way to the Amuse Museum, we saw a small flea market near the Sensoji temple.  I got several interesting tanmono, including this nagoya obi.  The orange and white kimono was very tempting too, but I resisted.  We will be going to Setagaya Boroichi, the really big flea market, on January 16th.  Glyn was looking at the tea kettles for tea ceremony

Lots of stalls around the Asakusa shrine, next to Sensoji, were selling New Year decorations, daruma etc.

Looking across to the Sensoji from the roof of the Amuse Museum, you can see the crowds queuing at the temple.

We watched the moon rise from the museum roof terrace.

Photos from the Amuse Museum will be my next post - soon!

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jacaranda said...

Have a great time, I was there last year. Amazed at the weather you are having, last year we flew into slush and snow, by the end of the festival it had melted with beautiful blue skies.