Monday, 23 January 2017

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - part 1


We bumped into a lot of people we knew, and a lot of people I'd only met online before, while walking around the show.  Next time I'll have to make a name badge, so people know me (something Patricia Belyea did).  From left, Lynette Anderson, Jane MacDonald, Reiko Arita, me and Glyn.  We also bumped into Shiro from Euro Japan Links just a few minutes after arriving and met up with a Czech group who were visiting the show.  It feels like a small world!


We retreated to the stands to eat lunch.  Even quite early in the day, the bento lunchbox sellers around the top of the stands had sold out, so we were glad we had brought snacks.

The show is probably as busy as Festival of Quilts, but the aisles are wider around the traders, and the overall feeling is more spacious.  Because we are on top of the circular baseball pitch, it is difficult to get lost.

There are lots of stalls selling vintage Japanese fabrics.

Boro and kimono reform are a big thing at the show.

Naturally dyed sashiko threads.

We spotted this nice example of an old Yuza sashiko sorihikihappi and it went home with Jane the next day.

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apiecefullife said...

Luck lucky you. I went to the Quilt show twice a few years ago. I was blown away. Is the old fabric expensive?