Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2017 - part 2

The first category we looked at was the 'Wa" category, which is for quilts on a Japanese theme, 'Wa' being the ancient name for Japan.  In this category, the quilters' names are only presented in kanji, so I have added a close up of the information card for each quilt, but haven't had time to pick through all the names and figure them out.  If any of my Japanese friends want to help me, please do!

Recycled Japanese fabrics are overwhelmingly the materials of choice in this section.

This year, there seemed to be more abstract and fewer pictorial quilts than two years ago.  Also, the display boards were a much darker shade of green, which made the whole display seem a bit dark.

I love the simplicity of the block design in this quilt.  Title is '? kanaro miyama'.

The fabrics used for this piece were stunning, and had an effect like watercolour.

A great collection of vintage kasuri ikat and other indigo fabrics.

I love the katazome fabrics used in this quilt, but I find it so hard to cut up these lovely old fabrics into such small pieces in my own quilts.

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Linda Lane Thornton said...

Many thanks for sharing these images, Susan. I'm constantly overwhealmed at the ingenuity and creativity of the Japanese when it comes to quilting, probably because although the stiches and fabrics are similar to those we use, it is what they do with them that makes them so inspirational. Muito, muito obrigada!