Monday, 22 May 2017

Region 16's Regional Day

Thanks to Tarja Burlison for the photo of my talk for the Quilters' Guild's Region 16 Regional Day in Perth last Saturday.  We had a very enjoyable day, including presentations from some of the Guild's specialist groups (Contemporary, Modern, Miniature and Traditional - I'm a member of the last two) and a lecture by Professor Malcolm Lochhead about Keeping Glasgow in Stitches, the community mixed media textile project he designed in 1990 (there is also a book about the banners available and you can see photos on his website on the link above).  If you get a chance to hear his talk about the banners, he is an excellent speaker and also very amusing with the stories about the imagery and creation of each piece.

The quilt on the table to my right is the beautiful Edwardian Welsh silk patchwork quilt I bought eighteen months ago from the Antique Textiles Company.  I am planning to make a new version of it soon and will be offering the pattern to Today's Quilter. One of the members on Saturday thought this part of the border looked like beach huts - what do you think?

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