Friday, 12 January 2018

Forthcoming sashiko course dates - Perth & Stockton

Yesterday was the penultimate session of my first sashiko course at The Peacock and the Tortoise in Perth.  The next course starts on March 8th and all the dates and booking info is now on their  website.

I have also arranged the dates for the next course at Stockton-on-Tees, which will run on Saturdays for eight sessions.  These will be slightly longer days than the current course, which I split into 10 classes, partly to avoid the weekday rush hours but also because we needed to fit in around other users for the church.  Next seasons dates are - 22nd September 2018, 27th October, 17th November, 8th December, 12th January 2019, 9th February, 9th March, and 8th April.  Fees will be £40 per day - first payment secures your place.

The sampler in the photo above is by Fiona Fitheridge, from the second Edinburgh sashiko course.  It's a lot further on now, but this is the most recent photo I have of it.  Looking forward to seeing it finished now.

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