Tuesday, 20 August 2019

LIMITED EDITION printed sashiko panels - Autumn colours

 Olympus have printed a special limited edition of my sashiko panels on Autumn colours - brick red (above), mustard yellow and russet. I have just over 20 of each of these panels for sale, now listed on the website, but if you want one, you need to order quickly!  I can't re order them.  Sewing Quarter have got the rest of this limited print run, but I'm not sure when they will release them (and they tend to cost slightly more than from my website too). Click here to read about them on my website.

Both the geometric and the kamon crest versions of the panels have been printed.

I already have less of the mustard yellow than the other two, as I sold a few to my summer school group last weekend.

Of course, I have all the 'regular' colours as well - red (below), indigo blue, black, slate blue, taupe grey (a warm beige) and green - here on my website.

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