Tuesday, 13 August 2019

New things from Olympus, Japan

I am adding a lot of lovely new Japanese fabrics to my online shop in the next few days, including the full range of my favourite Azumino cotton fabrics as 55 x 45cm precuts. This is the same Olympus fabric I used in one of the dark blue shades for the sashiko samples from 'The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook'.  It is now available in 30 amazing colours, and I've ordered the lot! As well as very traditional sashiko blues, there are many contemporary colours in the range, including golden ochre, teal blue, neutral grey, burnt orange and green, which will look great with current decorating trends.

I had one bolt from the Takumi range of traditionally inspired prints when we were at Festival of Quilts, which sold out quickly, so I've ordered some more from this range.  The grid of Japanese cats is so cute - I want to make some simple Log Cabin blocks with these as over-sized centres. There's also a rabbit version.

This plaid looks like it will be great for a little extra sashiko, perhaps in yellow ochre?

Another from the Takumi range.

Takumi kamon crests - 

Takumi Japanese rabbits.  I've ordered this range in the blue colourway for the first lot, and if it is popular, I'll get the black and the reds too.

I am particularly looking forward to getting the first of the sakizome momen range in stock.  These wovens are mostly towards the 'taupes' end of Japanese fabrics, but there is a new 'denim' inspired colourway in this one, which will be coming in the blues and mustard yellow colours (the red is on backorder). The weave is similar to the Azumino and it will be great for sashiko, and boro inspired pieces.

It looked like the order was arriving today, but now it will be tomorrow...

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