Saturday, 15 August 2020

Reiko Domon's kamon crests sashiko & applique sampler

 I've been having a glitch with my website email newsletter this morning, as the links don't work when I send it - although everything seems to work fine when I check the newsletter preview! So here's the main ones.

Reiko Domon, leader of Yuza Sashiko Guild, has been causing quite a stir with her sashiko and applique quilt (photo above) made using my 2019 limited edition kamon crest panel in the russet colourway, and we reached over 1000 members in The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook Facebook group this week.

You can see Reiko sensei's applique technique in this video clip. Many thanks to Shoichi Konno for making the video. It is basically a variation on needleturn applique, with the sashiko stitched first, using 370m fine white sashiko thread, which is the traditional 4-ply thread used by Yuza Sashiko Guild. For the applique, she has used a mixture of patchwork fabrics and vintage kimono silks. The hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) patterns in the rectangular central column aren't traditional ones - they look very similar to the modern sashiko patterns from the new Olympus sashiko book. There are also some photos of Reiko's quilt as work in progress on Shoichi's Instagram (plus many photos of the countryside around Yuza-machi and on the slopes of Mount Chokai).

So far, I haven't included applique with my sashiko, although I love applique techniques too. I want to try this next! I hope Reiko sense's quilt inspires you as much as me.

Happy Stitching!


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