Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Link to today’s Sewing Street sashiko show

Link to today’s Sewing Street TV sashiko show. I’m on the second and fourth hours.

I rushed to see on some of the borders yesterday after doing Sunday lunch at my mum’s, using my vintage 1970s (not my 153QE in the photo), but I only had the standard foot with me and had to rely on moving the needle slightly to the right to compensate and get a quarter inch seam... but I didn’t move it quite far enough! So a fraction too much fabric ended up in the seam allowances in the centre, so the outer borders were too long. I’ll have to take them off and shorten them, aka fudge the top a bit. Should have checked my seam allowances were spot on when I started!

It was lots of fun to be back in the studio and I'm going to be back for a show on Monday 9th November where we will do a TV launch of The Book of Boro, and probably a bit more with the sashiko sampler stitch along (another blog post on that coming up soon too).


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