Sunday, 15 February 2009

Quiltfest Trading Day

We had a good day at Quiltfest's trading day today. It is always nice to meet so many quilters and hear about some of the projects planned for my Japanese fabrics! This gorgeous silk sold out today - it was the first time I'd had it out on sale and it was pounced on by several people in quick succession.

I bought it because it reminded me of another bolt I had several years ago - that also sold out quickly, though not as quickly as the one above! I managed to save the last 40cm for myself.

Luckily, these are on their way -

I'm hoping they will arrive in time for World Textile Day at Llanidloes on March 14th (see the Diary section on my website for info), but if not they should be here in time for Malvern.

Also out for the first time today was a small selection from these - recycled vintage Japanese cottons -

These beautiful old fabrics are salvaged from old kimono linings, workwear and household textiles and include cottons suitable for sashiko and boromono-style pieces. Some of the more finely woven plain cottons would be great for Amish-style quilts too.

These checked and striped cottons were salvaged from old workwear and futon covers -

This heap includes vintage silk tsumugi, again recycled.

Rather than attempt to measure each of these pieces and price them that way, which seemed way too complicated, I'm selling them by the weight of the piece. I'll have more of these out at Llanidloes and other future shows.

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