Friday, 5 June 2009

Greetings from Jersey!

I have just arrived via the seacat from Poole - a great trip - after teaching in Dorset (more about that later). It is sunny & gorgeous here... I'm already planning a return trip, and I haven't even seen much of the place yet - if you exclude the panoramic view of St Helier and the bay on the way in. We also got a spectacular view of Sark with Gurnsey peeking out from behind in the afternoon sun. I've tried to take photos, but the speed of the boat coming in means everything is probably going to be a bit wobby. Anyway, I'm on the hotel's freebie terminal at the moment, so until either I get home or can get some wireless internet somewhere, I can't post photos for now.

I'm here to teach a sashiko workshop (the sashiko furoshiki) and the Super Strips Quilt Top workshops with the local quilt group. Very nice to be invited and it will be worth the long trip.

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