Monday, 31 August 2009

Quilted, bound and (nearly) ready for Harrogate

I will have several quilts on show at the Great Northern Quilt Show at Harrogate next weekend - the two new ones were finished today, and just need to have their hanging sleeves sewn on. I haven't got photos of them finished yet, so the photos below only show the tops, but you'll recognise them at the show from these photos.

The backing fabric is a very large floral print in royal blue and turquoise, with a rather 1920s feeling, from one of Rowan's collections (Martha Negley? Will check designer from selvedge). It coordinated with the colours of the Denise Schmidt "Katie Jump Rope" retro range strips I used for my entry into the Jelly Roll Adventure challenge for GNQS, while the motifs and scale of the design made for a quirky contrast.

The wallhanging I made with the scraps is backed with the same fabric. Click the photo below to read my earlier blog post about piecing this little quilt.

The brown floral print I used for the scrappy quilt was my original choice for binding the first quilt above. After auditioning plain bright red, I decided that the stripy prints in the range would make interesting bindings - the first quilt is bound in the brown colourway and the second in the blue. I'll post detail photos of these after the show.

My "Butterfly Dance" (Kona Bay Challenge 2009 winner) and "Fish and Chips" (Judges' Merit in Batik Beauties "Delights of the Sea") will also be on show, and I've entered the two quilts I had at Festival of Quilts, "Lulea Blockhus" and "The Denman Kannon". Hopefully I've done my bit to support our biggest northern quilt show this year!

Barbara Harrison from Chester Ps & Qs took this photo of me working on the Lulea Blockhus at the UFO day we had early in the summer. She thinks it looks like I'm all tucked up under the quilt! It was such a hot day, not really the weather for working on a quilt with lots of brushed cotton and viyella fabrics, and a wool wadding - definitely a winter quilt.

Sorry I've been adding such large photos lately, but it seems a shame to reduce the size when they are showing plenty of quilt or kimono detail.

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