Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Workshops coming up, open to the public

Just about finished packing for Harrogate. The quilts went up today, with Debbie from Wrexham Quilting Circle doing the delivery for me - thanks! I spent the rest of the day dodging the showers to get the rest of the stuff in the car.

I have several workshops coming up over the next few months which are open to the public, as well as a lot of workshop for groups - many groups only allow their own members into their workshops, and I can't act as a booking agency for groups! However, shops and other big organisations are OK about me putting their contact details online.

First, I'm doing another sashiko course at Denman College at the beginning of October. Check out this fantastic 10% discount offer too - click here for more info - it looks like it would apply to my course if there are any places left, but you must phone to book if you want the discount. Remember, you don't have to be a WI member to be able to attend courses at Denman. It is a comfortable and tranquil setting for a course, the accommodation and food is great (well up to WI standards). I would recommend it as a good place if you are attending a course on your own - the staff and other students are very friendly.

If you can't get onto that course, I am teaching another two courses at Denman College, but you'll have to wait till 2010 for those.

I have some day workshops coming up too -

On Wednesday 12th November 2009, I'm at the new quilt shop in Purley, The Wandering Line. I think Debbie finally decided on Spinning Squares, although we did talk about doing Super Strips - you can call her to check on 01737 551602. Whichever we did finally decide to do, I'll probably be back in 2010 to do the other workshop!

November 14th & 15th I'm at Puddleducks, the lovely quilt shop at Sevenoaks, Kent. On Saturday 14th, we will be learning how to mark and stitch sashiko on the easy Kinchaku Bag, and on Sunday we will have fun with seven fat quarters and an eighth of a feature fabric making Japanese Circles and Squares - one of my favourite workshops, as there are so many wonderful block sets made on the day. If you are stuck for your fabric choices for Circles and Squares, I'm sure Jo at Puddleducks will be able to help you pick a coordinated set for the workshop (check out the gorgeous Japanese taupe bundles she stocks). You can read all the info on the Puddleducks workshop programme page.

Some of the sashiko designs we learn how to mark and stitch in the Kinchaku Bag workshop -

Dot Sherlocks lovely version of Japanese Circles and Squares - have a look back through my blog to see some photos of earlier workshops.

More workshops at Denman college and selected quilt shops coming up in 2010! Remember, I'm always happy to visit your group for a special workshop and/or talk.

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