Monday, 5 October 2009

Back at Denman College

I'm at Denman College once again, to teach a repeat of the sashiko course I did in April 2008. Students are arriving as I type and at 6p.m., there will be a general welcome meeting. Denman is run by the WI and is one of those places where everyone is so friendly, there's no problem attending a course on your own - it looks like several of the students on my course are from different parts of the country. The residential accommodation is excellent and, as you might expect from the WI, they make sure we are well-fed!

The classroom is a dedicated craft room, perfect for stitching activities, and now decorated with loads of sashiko, old and new, to surprise the students when we arrive after dinner for the first session - a seminar version of my "Sashiko and Japanese Country Textiles" talk.

The "Denman Kannon" is part of my work display, returning to the place where it was begun last year.

I'll post photos and an update once I'm home again.

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