Thursday, 29 April 2010

Printing on fabric and a bit of a panic...

I'm trying to persuade my printer to print onto EQ Printables - it is a long story!

If you have any Miracle Fabric Sheets to hand, can you let me have 3 (or a few more), unfolded, by post asap? My contact details are on my website.

I'm trying to get the fabrics for one of my Quilts UK entries printed off as I finish off some book work at the computer. The idea is to print 72 postcards from the Japan British Exhibition 1910 to be pieced with some batiks for a special 100th anniversary quilt - the Japan British Exhibition actually opened on May 13th 1910, exactly a hundred years before this year's Malvern show. Could there be a better reason for a quilt?

Lawrence, the Man from Rio and supplier of all things fabric & inkjet related, sold me on the idea of using the EQ Printables instead of the tried and trusted Miracle Fabric Sheets, which I've used for a number of community projects, commissions etc., because the EQs produce a slightly brighter image with a bit more definition (I also get my Miracle Fabric Sheets from him by the way). Fantastic - so long as your printer is OK with them. Mine has decided it really doesn't like them. All the tricks in the pack info don't make a tad of difference - I've tried manual feed, clipping corners, a masking tape leader. Nothing is making them feed into the printer and it is a top feeding printer too (Epson Stylus D88 Plus). I've never had any feeding problems with it before.

ARGH! It seemed like a good idea to let the printer do its stuff while I'm at the keyboard doing other things but it doesn't want to play.

Just to get the project done in time, I've gone back to the Miracle Fabric Sheets.

Lawrence, just when I need him the most, is enjoying himself at a show in the Netherlands....! I've emailed him in the hope he will contact me with some advice - he is so helpful re all his products, but just a bit frustratingly out of contact at the moment. I know he reads his e mails when he's at UK shows, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll be in communication soon, but if he isn't, it will have to be Miracle Fabric Sheets all the way for this project.

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