Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Embroiderers' Guild SE Region Summer School - photos

I have been so busy with book work this week, I delayed downloading these photos.

The summer school was held at the Earnley Concourse, a lovely venue on the south coast, on the last but one weekend in May. We were only about 20 minutes from the beach, although I didn't have time to go down there for a stroll - we were too busy enjoying sashiko! Our workroom was attached to the old house and, despite the hot weekend, we were very comfortable (and well fed too).

As well as our official teaching sessions, I opened the workroom on Saturday evening for an informal stitch and chat. The embroiderers were still stitching at half past nine!

Here are just a few of the pieces made over the weekend, including several experiments with coloured threads and some great fan designs.

I met several Guild members who I taught in Tunbridge Wells way back in 2003 (!) - before "The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook" was published. The table runner in that book started out as the weekend project for their course. The two bags on the left (the tote and the version of the Rice Sack Bag) both feature that panel, and the bags on the right are the Quilter's Briefcase from "21 Terrific Patchwork Bags" and the Pocketbook from "21 Sensational Patchwork Bags", all photographed in a Japanese-style arbour in front of the house.

There are three peacocks in residence at Earnley, who were all very tame and inquisitive!

The sashiko weekend ran on the same format at the ones I teach at Denman College (I'm there again in September) and next year I'm taking the course to Bridlington, Yorkshire - more information about those courses here.

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