Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yuza Sashiko books - coming soon!

My friend Reiko Domon will be visiting the Great Northern Quilt Show with other members of Peaceful Heart Quilt Group, including my sashiko teacher Chie Ikeda, and has asked if they can sell their sashiko book(s) on their demo space. Yes please!

These books focus on the hitomezashi patterns from Yuza-machi in a unique way, with lots of great ideas for using the patterns in both traditional and non traditional projects.

Yes, they are in Japanese, but Reiko and Chie have used the same system for charting that patterns that I devised for "The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook", so it is easy to follow, and like most Japanese craft books, the project diagrams are very easy to understand. Plus you get lovely photos taken in and around Yuza and some great images of antique sashiko.

I've suggested Reiko brings 20 copies of each (I hope I am not asking her to weigh down her luggage too much, but maybe other members of the group will help out!) - if you are interested in a copy and would want to collect it at the show, please let me know, just so a) I have a more realistic idea of how many copies she should bring, b) so I can hang onto one for you.

EDIT - Important Information! We realised that Reiko wasn't getting the price conversion right at first, so she sent me the correct figures today (July 29th) - the first book will be just £16 and the second one £18. Phew! See this link for full info.

The group are planning to bring 20 copies of each book. Obviously I don't want them to go to all that trouble for them to remain unsold.

Just to make a point about the price, Reiko has simply converted the Yen price directly into GBP (it is correct this time). Remember, for anyone buying at the show, there's no postage to pay. Also, the general markup on Japanese quilt books sold in the UK, due to import/shipping etc. is anything up to 120% of the retail price in Japan, so you would be paying around £20+ for many Japanese quilting books.

These are very good and original books, softbacks, approx. A4 in full colour, very professional graphics and beautiful illustrations, with many of the sashiko patterns in them totally unavailable elsewhere.

Feedback/comments please!


marmotte said...

Dear Susan,
This is Anna Kostyukhina from Moscow, Russia. Is there a chance for me to order these two books by mail? I won't be able to come to the show, but I shall be really happy to add these books to my collection. Please, please let me know whether it is possible or not. Thank you in advance!

Susan Briscoe said...

Dear Anna,

I don't think there would be a problem for you to get them by mail order. I will ask Reiko!

Best wishes


Sally Tatters said...

The books are very tempting Susan, but how to know which one to choose? Any chance of some more information about what is inside, in the manner of the Amazon 'look inside' facility. Tricky I know without giving everything away....

Anonymous said...

I would have thought they would be very popular Susan. The book stalls carry more Japanese books each year - and , as you say, they are all quite expensive.
I would be definitely interested in buying one - maybe 2! Depends on birthday money! And the content, and how it would fit in with my projects and skills. Is it possible to see something of the contents - that may help people? How many pages are there? If your friends are demonstrating, or exhibiting items linked to the books , I should think they will fly. Jill

Susan Briscoe said...

I'll do a review with some photos/explanations of each book's contents and post info in the next day or so.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I would love to get hold of both of these books. I teach applique and some sashiko here in Canada and I'm always looking for books. The Ultimate Sashiko Sourse book is very hard to get hold of.A friend of mine, who sells Japanese fabrics and some sashiko supplies got hold of some of the last copies.I always tell my students, that it is in my eyes the best book available.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
How can I get hold of those books here in Canada? I teach applique and sashiko and love to learn more.
The Ultimate Sashiko Sourse Book seems to be unavailable here. A friend of mine, who sells Japanese fabrics and sashiko supplies got hold of some of the last copies. I would like to know, where I could get hold of some, since I tell my students that it is the best.

Susan Briscoe said...

The last comment is showing as anonymous, so I can't contact you direct! Can you e mail via my website? I'm sure we can sort something out re Reiko's books and I can advise re mine.