Monday, 1 November 2010

Sashiko workshop photos - Harrogate, Denman College and Heswall

I taught several different sashiko workshops and courses over the last month. At the end of September, I had a trip to Harrogate where Crimple Valley Quilters made sashiko furoshiki designs. Here's a selection of the varied fans and kamon crests they stitched. We had torrential rain that day but it didn't dampen their enthusiasm for stitching!

Heswall Quilters got slightly better weather. We were upstairs at the Quaker Meeting House in a very well lit room with long tall windows on two sides for "Introduction to Shonai Sashiko".

Stitching hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) takes longer than many other sashiko designs, so small panels are ideal.

Combining several patterns in one square, in a mini hitomezashi sampler, is one solution.

In mid October, I was back at Denman College to teach another residential sashiko course, the one which combines both hitomezashi and moyouzashi (patterned sashiko) designs with kamon crests and fans - a taster of many different sashiko patterns that form a gateway to other designs. Having more than one day makes a difference, as there are little tips and techniques in stitching learned in the early sessions which form a foundation for later stitching. I will be back at Denman teaching this course again at the end of January 2011.

We were working in the Ferris Room, the large new room in the teaching block with fantastic views over the grounds, large windows down to the floor and excellent lighting. I taught for the first time in this room in September and we liked it so much, I requested it for future courses.

If you would like to attend a residential course, I am also taking this format north in April 2011, when I will be teaching at the Royal Hotel, Bridlington - click here for links.

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