Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Birmingham today

I spent today in Birmingham, shopping for Christmas food - dim sum! It's the special treat every year.

I didn't take the camera, as I've blogged (with photos) things like the Christmas market and my favourite Birmingham pub in previous years. I bought a few things, including an Indian collar and cuffs set for this year's Solstice party outfit and an "Edo" map print handkerchief from Muji. There was also a London handkerchief (not shown on the website). As I'm planning a black and white project sometime soon, the handkerchief will be cut up at some point.


shigatsuhana said...

Sorry I missed you today. As it turned out I went to the market for lunch as I'd forgotten my own. I saw the scarf when I was in Muji, but I didn't see it for sale. I'll have to go back and get it and the London one too. I love them. Hope you enjoyed your Chinese. :)

Susan Briscoe said...

We will have to fix up a proper day out in the spring!

The handkerchief is cool and fun I think - it will look good with the black & white fabrics I've been collecting for a "Meiji" quilt. I was tempted by the London one too, but, as I want to use them for patchwork, thought I'd better see what the fabric is like first.

Dim sum were delicious - found another one on the menu we hadn't tried before, with peanuts & beef, steamed - yummy.

Lis Harwood said...

Thank you Susan!! I didn't know Muji had an online store, I just regretted not being able to get to the real shop, I used to go to the one in Bluewater, don't even know if it's still there. Now I'll be able to shop to my heart's content! Love the Edo hankie.