Thursday, 16 December 2010

Japanese Quilt Inspirations - book cover

I have spent this morning checking through the final set of pages (proofs) for "Japanese Quilt Inspirations" which will be published by David & Charles in the spring.

There's a lot of work in the editing of a book and the very talented team at David & Charles have turned my text and diagrams, plus some of my own photos of Japan, into a super book - and they have added gorgeous styled photos of the quilts and projects taken at the Japanese Garden & Bonsai Nursery at St Mawgan, Newquay, Cornwall. There are flat photos of all the quilts plus details of the patchwork, quilting and fabrics. So it is quite complicated to turn it all into a book.

Before getting to this third checking stage, the text has been checked and there have been two layout stages (called "first pages" and "second pages") where the text is checked again and all the illustrations are incorporated into the page design.

"Proofs", the final checking stage before the book goes to print, is the time when we might spot something small, like the edge of a cutout image overlapping the text (white on white), but any alterations to the text have been done in the previous stages.

I'm looking forward to seeing the book now!


XUE said...

I do look forward to this book ! Warm wishes from Tokyo, Japan!

shigatsuhana said...

Yes, I can't wait to see this book too! Looking forward to seeing all those lovely photos in print.

Lis Harwood said...

Looks good Susan, and having been involved in publishing three local history books I have an idea of what's involved. Looking forward to seeing this new book finished, well done. I haven't visited that Japanese garden - it's on my list now!

Unknown said...

Can't wait for this one Susan!

Hugz from Hobart