Sunday, 13 February 2011

Quiltfest - the future

Today at the annual trading day, exhibition founder Val Shields announced her retirement from Quiltfest. As with Gresford Craft Group, Val worked closely with Susan Hill to organise Quiltfest every year since 2001. Susan is also stepping down from the day to day running of the festival. They are toasting their 'retirement' in the photo above, after Val was presented with a bouquet (below, with Quiltfest's webmaster, Sue Horder).

Quiltfest has shown quilts in an art gallery setting from the first exhibition, specialising in quilts as art. I have offered to take over from Val to run the show for the forseeable future and will be continuing with this focus on art quilts, in the Quiltfest tradition of showing work by both local quilters and invited quilt and textile artists and groups from further afield. Watch this space (and the Quiltfest website, which Sue will continue to run - with new photo galleries coming soon!) for more developments.

Ferret (centre left below) will be one of our featured quilters for next year and I'm hoping Magie Relph (centre right, of the African Fabric Shop) will also be showing her work. Lots to arrange and plan before 2012!

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