Friday, 18 March 2011

World Textile Day, Saturday 19th March

While I'm in Australia, Debbie and Maureen will be at World Textile Day in Llanidloes with my fabrics and kimono - click here for more info.

Half the price of the kimono sold tomorrow will be donated to one of the Japan tsunami relief funds - I am still consulting with friends involved with Japan re which will be the quickest and easiest fund to for donations. Fingers crossed we could raise several hundred pounds through this. The kimono will also be on 25% discount, so they will be a great deal all round, as well as an opportunity to donate to tsunami relief.

EDIT - consultation over -

'In my opinion the British Red Cross is probably the best. Japan has still not officially asked for humanitarian aid. The British Red Cross can liase with Japan Red Cross and the money and aid will get there. I knew that when I first heard this news there would be so many charities popping up. I think this is just the safest one to use so that's who our money is going to.'

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