Thursday, 21 April 2011

Prague Patchwork Meeting 2010

The 2011 Prague Patchwork Meeting was a week or two ago. I attended last year to teach and demo sashiko. It was a lovely show and I would like to visit it again in future. The city is stunning too and I took a lot of photos. I promised more at the time, but things got busy when I came home, with a 10-day talk and workshop tour of Scotland and the Borders, so quite a lot photos of the city didn't get posted. Here are a few more that I particularly liked.

Today I had an e mail from Hana Safarova, one of the quilters I met there, and she sent me a photo she took of me with her friends Zdena Petrikova and Hana Forchtsamova. It was great for me to be able to meet so many quilters who were interested in sashiko.

Some of my books have been translated into Czech, including my sashiko book, translated by quilter Jana Lalova, so that's how the Czech quilters already knew some of my work.

Jana told me that one of her latest creations will be shown in the Czech exhibit at Festival of Quilts this year, so look out for her name. I found the Czech quilts, overall, felt different, partly in use of colour but also with their bold design, both traditional and contemporary, so their special exhibition this year promises to be something interesting and inspiring.

Alicia Merrett was one of the guest tutors and exhibitors at the Prague Patchwork Meeting 2011 - you can read about her experiences in Prague on her blog. She obviously had more patience to queue to get into the cathedral than I did, as she also posted some colourful photos of Mucha's stained glass work.

Here's a photo appropriate for the season - traditionally decorated eggs I spotted in a gift shop in the old town last year. Too fragile to squeeze into my suitcase, so I took a photo instead.

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