Monday, 18 April 2011

Super Strips - same roll, different results

After teaching the same workshop twice in the space of two days and having the three quilters use the same Bali Batik Pop strip cut, I thought it might be interesting to show just how differently quilts have turned out even though they are made from the same roll. Barbara's patchwork, made last weekend at Bridlington, used Moda's 'Maison de Garance', which was also used in Village Quilters workshop the day before.

I am sure the same roll was used by two quilters at Quiltessential last November. I thought it was 'Lumiere de Noel' (same designers) but the prints look identical to the ones as above.

These are the three started in the Bali Pop 'Cappucino' colourway on Friday and Saturday of the week before last (you can see the original blog posts here and here). Fiona's patchwork is shown again at the end with the borders added.

I think this is the 'Strawberry' Bali Pop colourway, in two different versions, followed by a third Bali Batik Pop in a different colourway.
My original 'Kiwiberry' Bali Pop got a close relation - and variation - at a workshop at Purely Patchwork, Linlithgow, last year. Mine is the one at the back.

Fabric Freedom 'strippers' have been popular for this workshop and their slightly wider width isn't an issue. The autumnal batik colourway is in my roll stash too. Oops - missed out posting the second photo, so have added it now! First patchwork done at the Jersey workshop a few years ago, second one at Bridlington.

The brightly coloured batiks remind me of ice lollies - back in the days when they were full of artifical colours :-) Similar, but not identical, batik rolls.

These blues are similar but I think the rolls may not have been identical, although a lot of the fabrics look the same. The larger one used three strip cuts to make a king size quilt, with extra sets of corner triangles added. Perhaps the roll used for the first one was mixed in with another two similar sets for the king size quilt, as the fabrics seem to be included in the outer triangles.

Plainer marbled rolls can have the strips arranged in various ways, so the centre is a rainbow or includes more earthy colours. This selection includes patchworks made in Melbourne, Ruthin, Altrincham and Jersey, all places where the light is quite different.

Contemporary Jelly Rolls always look fresh and bold. The first two are Sandy Gervais designs ('Awesome'?). These look very autumnal and it was a November workshop. I wonder if the time of year affects fabric choices?

This trio was made at the workshop in Melbourne -

So, even though quilters can start off with the same fabric rolls, you can see that the ends results can be quite varied. I hope this will inspire your fabric selections if you have a chance to do the Super Strips workshop sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Super results - an eye opener to see different results from the same rolls. I must buy some more! Jill