Sunday, 8 May 2011

Garden damage

After a good time while I was away, this morning I spotted some damage at the top of the garden at Mount Zion - the bamboo and one of the pines have had weedkiller sprayed on them, killing off the foliage. Fingers crossed they may recover. The weedkiller has burnt most of the pine needles, which won't regrow, but as it seems to have been recently applied yet has burnt everything brown so quickly, it is unlikely to be one of the stronger gylphosates, as they take a week or more to have any visible effect as dramatic as this.

I have tried to find a photo of this corner of the garden before the damage. This is as it was a couple of years after it was planted out (photo taken in 2006).

And viewed through the cherry blossom around the same time -

I may be able to rescue the pine if I cut off all the damaged foliage, although the back of it has been damaged so much already the branches are bare. I have a good idea who did it and have informed the police.

So dissapointing to think that I am working hard to buy this place, yet idiots do things like this when I go away!

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