Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Great Northern Quilt Show - more quilts!

Here are a few photos of some of the other quilts in the show. For copyright reasons, I can't go showing photos of everything, so I'm sticking to photos of quilts by quilters I know and quilters I hope won't mind me drooling over their work! The table runner above was started at one of my sashiko furoshiki workshops (sorry, I am having a complete block as to which one, and will need to be reminded).

If you look closely at the photos in the following link, you can see Michele Boyd's blocks at the Chester Ps & Qs Log Cabin workshop back in April 2010. Lovely to see the finished quilt in the Bed Quilts section. There is a lot of work in this - it's quite a bit bigger than my original version too.

Always nice to see another version of '99 Treasures'. Jacky Hooton machine quilted this one. Because the quilting design supplied with the pattern is a continuous line design - a hybrid between shippo (seven treasures) and fundo (balance weights), it is ideal for machine quilting as well as hand quilting.

The theme category this year was 'Down by the Sea' and there were some lovely pieces and a good diversity of theme interpretation. Sandra Wyman's quilt, 'Digging for Bait', had already caught our attention at Festival of Quilts, so I was really pleased to have another chance to see it. At Festival of Quilts, I didn't have my show guide to hand when I was looking at the Contemporary quilt section, and I didn't realise it was one of Sandra's quilts. She was kind enough to send me a copy of the photo mentioned on the label.

Sheena Norquay's fantastic four panel wall hanging won first in the theme section.

... and rounded up quite a few more awards along the way, winning the Machine Quilting award and coming Overall Runner Up in the show. It did not surprise me that Sally Holman bagged this quilt for her Judge's Choice either, as the sea is a constant inspiration in her work as well.

It is easy to see why. I am a big fan of Sheena's quilting and I own one of her small wallhangings (a piece made for the Quilters' Guild's £50 fundraiser about 6 years ago).

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sandra wyman said...

Thanks Susan - feel honoured to be "sandwiched" between you and Sheena Norquay! So glad you liked the quilt.