Monday, 21 November 2011

Travels with a Bag Lady...

November has been a quiet month in terms of talks and workshops, with just one talk for Chester Ps & Qs - 'Travels with a Bag Lady' - mid month. I've belonged to this group since 1998 and they have a great programme of monthly meetings, workshops and other events, like UFO days (could do with attending some more of these!) Some P & Q quilters are all 'bagged out' in the photo above.

I've been busy otherwise, with work on a new book and travel up and down to Kettins, where the new workroom is taking shape. The two 75w twin fluorescent daylight fittings were salvaged from a local office refit - they were going into the skip! The dull grey walls are being painted magnolia, as I wanted a bit more warmth than white would give.

This is the view. The main worktable (pine dining table, also recycled) will be going in front of the window, so the light will be excellent for working. There will still be enough room for my Ikea desk, as and when I move it.

On a more colourful note, this month I tried purple potatoes for the first time. They look amazing and taste delicious! From top - Petches pie (from Great Ayton), beetroot and peppers; venison bangers and mash (with red onion gravy); 'Shepherd Neame' shepherds' pie, with Shepherd Neame Master Brew ale in the gravy. The challenge is on to make dinner as colourful as quilts.


Ann said...

Hmmm... interesting food!

Lis said...

Got to love magnolia!! I'm not so sure about the purple food but it's fun reading about it.