Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sashiko workshops in Hatherleigh and Gosport

On Sunday I did an 'Introduction to Shonai Sashiko' workshop session for Region 4 of the Quilters' Guild in Hatherleigh, Devon, and yesterday I taught the four designs from my 'Sashiko for Summer' workshop at Gosport Quilters.

There are fourteen stitches on my worksheets for 'Shonai Sashiko', selected from the dozens of traditional patterns because they are all achieveable by complete sashiko beginners and they also offer a good entry into the different kinds of hitomezashi (one stitch) patterns. Everyone stitches on small sample pieces, but even on these little 4inch squares, many stitchers manage to include more than one pattern, making mini samplers.

I forgot to take any photos during the workshop at Gosport, so I'll have to wait for some photos of the finished items. Here's a couple of photos of my workshop samples, so you can see two of the designs we used.

I got some lovely photos down at the beach though.

The texture of a pebbly flint beach is so interesting when you don't usually see them - so many shells among the flints, and so many natural colours. I took a lot of photos for my inspiration folder.

I wasn't so impressed the first time I saw a pebble beach - it wasn't 'proper' beach. This was a bit further east, possibly Brighton? I didn't have my bucket and spade with me this time.

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