Wednesday, 25 June 2014

'Tsuyu no himawari' (rainy season sunflowers)

I started this set of 'Japanese Circles and Squares' blocks in March but this is the first time I've set them out.  They need a bit more swapping around and tweaking but it is nearly there.  I am going to add the circles to this one via the quilting. I used one yukata kimono cotton (the sunflowers) as the starting point and added eight of the African Fabric Shop's hand dyed batiks.  Japanese fabrics and African hand dyed batiks often go together very well and I have a few more projects planned using yukata and batik together.

Sunflowers bloom around the time of the rainy season (about now) and I think the patchwork combines very warm and very cool colours suggesting the refreshing rain after high humidity.

UPDATE - I changed the block layout slightly and think I prefer this.  Most of the purple stripe is in the bottom two thirds and the large sunflower panel is looks better with the surrounding blocks rearranged - repeating the sunflower background on patches that touch the main panel, but with the fabric grain/tie dye effect at right angles.

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Lovely fabric and a nice layout.
I have tried to send emails to place an order but think they are going to the wrong email. Sending to .