Saturday, 8 November 2014

Summerhouse Saturday - part 1

We needed to work out exactly where the tops of the side windows will be, so we know where to stop adding shingles. The top of the side and front walls will have a plain white painted plywood section above, so it will look rather like the houses in Yuza-machi, and this needs to line up with the top of the windows at the side.  As we didn't know if we would have to cut down the height of the windows when we restored them, the piece of framing above the window hasn't been added yet.  Their previous paintwork was slightly over the glass, so they have been scraped back ready for their new coat of paint.

We can't fix the windows in position until Glyn has finished nailing the shingles in place, otherwise we risk cracking the glass as the nails are bashed in.

Glyn drew a line across the tops of the windows and the Tyvek on the sides, so is now nailing more shingles in place. We have about two rows to go before we reach the top of the windows.  The paint I did yesterday hasn't dried yet.  I think this might start becoming a problem with the water based exterior paint, as the summerhouse doesn't get much direct sunlight at this time of year and it is quite damp outside.  A lot of the oil from the shinglesis leaching through the paint too, but at least it shows that it is microporous.  The idea is to allow the paint and shingles to weather down over the years to a nice silvery colour, but for now the paint has evened out the colour and disguised weathering marks from their last use.

Back to work now - more later.

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