Sunday, 9 November 2014

Summerhouse Sunday - or part two

We were rained off yesterday afternoon, so this is part two.  While I went to B & Q for new blades for the electric plane, Glyn got on with starting the eaves boards for the front.

The idea is to make the eaves boards look a bit like my old house in Yuza-machi, adding another slope line to the front wall.

All the ends of the Tyvek have been taped and/or stapled down.

Glyn has notched the plywood boards (leftovers from making the roof) to fit up against the roof joists.

Cutting out the pieces with the jigsaw.

Checking they fit.

Glyn marked the angle for the bottom of the boards with a string line, so we could get the slope right.  The boards will be painted white and trimmed with a narrow strip of oak while the side walls will also have white architrave and trim above the windows, which we wanted to line up, although the corners will be capped off with a UPVC L-section to weatherproof them.

The days are getting short now, so not much working time even at weekends.  We have a site light for evening work but one problem is that the paints won't dry in the normal time - the grey paint on the shingles is still smudgeable from Friday. I might undercoat the front boards and all the architrave in the kitchen, and take it outside to fit it.

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