Monday, 29 December 2014

Summerhouse in the snow

The summerhouse was weather-tight several weeks ago, before the first snowfall.  This is how it looked earlier this afternoon.  It was -7c last night and the temperature has stayed below freezing all day.

The weekend before Christmas saw Glyn adding some of the trims, including plywood strip at the top of the back wall and fancy trim made from skirting board to the tops of the side walls.

He has routed out a 'drip' channel along the cut away edge on the board, above the window, although with the wide eaves overhang along the sides, it is unlikely that these will ever end up dripping water - but you never know.  At least this way drips can't run back towards the window frame.

There are vents in the tops of the windows and we wanted to keep these usable.

These photos are from December 12th.  It is completely dark now from late afternoon, so we have been using a floodlight to do a bit of evening work.

We thought we had a problem with a bowed doorframe on this side, because the door wasn't hanging correctly.  Once Glyn had a good look at the door, he realised that the original cutaways for the hinges weren't to exactly the same depth, so that was causing the problem, not a warped door frame.  He had used the same positions for the new hinges where the old ones had been, so this needed adjusting.

There are still some small jobs to do on the outside and luckily the temperature is set to rise by the weekend, maybe even with some sunshine, so we can get on with those as our New Year project.  The exterior gloss painting can wait a month or two until the weather is better. Soon it will be time to move inside and start paneling the walls.  I am looking forward to the inside transformation!

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