Monday, 16 March 2015

World Textile Day Wales - photos

Here's a few photos of World Textile Day in Llanidloes on Saturday.  It was SO cold in Wales - we thought it was much colder than in Scotland - but those who ventured out to the Minerva Centre had a warm welcome, with a feast of fabrics from (mainly) warmer climes, with hot drinks and home made cakes to warm them through as well.

This year we are trying a different format for our talks.  Instead of one person giving a one hour talk, we are doing three twenty minute talks in the morning and three in the afternoon, so every stallholder takes a turn.  Everyone prepared a slide presentation, so we could show our visitors just where we find some of our lovely textile treasures around the world.  My talk was in the afternoon after Bob's 'Basketcase' talk and I spoke about my hunt to learn koginzashi.


As usual, we put up exhibitions of various pieces - this corner shows the similarities and differences between Yuza sashiko and kogin (koginzashi).  The 'kogin' Nagoya obi behind Maggie is woven to look like handstitched kogin rather than being the real thing - I don't think I could afford a hand stitched kogin obi!

Some views of the traders' hall.  It looks very quiet in these photos, but I only get a chance to take photos when it is quiet.  This was during the last of the afternoon talks.

A few more items of mine on the display panels - runoff cloths from stencilling tenugi towels and an assortment of sashiko fukin (cleaning cloths).

 Our next World Textile Day will be at Frodsham, Cheshire, on 11th April.

UPDATE - Bob from the African Fabric Shop has just sent me some more photos.

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