Monday, 27 April 2015

1718 coverlet book talk at the AGM

I gave my talk on the making of the 1718 coverlet book at the Quilters' Guild AGM and Conference "A Celebration of Quilting" on Friday morning. I was only the second speaker of the day, after Katie Chaplin's excellent kimono dressing demo and talk, and the first using the projector screens, so I'm happy that everything technical went perfectly.  My audience seemed to enjoy the talk and we had a flurry of book sales on the Guild's sales stand over the weekend, so hopefully we have inspired a few more quilters to have a go at making some of the blocks, or at least enjoy the eye candy in the book.

I used some of the block images as my slides, showing how fantastic the high resolution photos were we had taken for the book, and (with their permission) I also included lots of screenshots of the lovely new blocks being made by members of the 1718 Quiltalong on Facebook.


I had Maureen Poole's 'Cantata' wallhanging displayed just to my right, but I haven't got a single photo where you can see it!

On the Guild sales stand later in the afternoon, with the digitally printed 1718 fabric banner hanging behind us.

There was so much more to the weekend, and we enjoyed all the lectures we attended, including talks by Gillian Travis, Phillipa Naylor, Isobel Hall, Angie Hughes and Stuart Hillard - this is a link to the original conference programme for 2015, so you can see how much was on offer last weekend.  The best part is meeting up with quilting friends from far and near.  I have so many friends that I would never have met if I hadn't joined the Guild (I've been a member since 1998).  For anyone interested in any aspect of patchwork and quilting or textiles generally, it really is the most amazing social network to be part of, and you don't need to fit a particular stitching niche in either style or standard to join.  You can join online now too.  Val Shields first told me about the Guild in the 1990s and at the AGM meeting on Saturday, she was awarded Honorary Membership for her services to quilting - very well deserved and a complete surprise!

While we were away, I started planning my 'Micra Mystique' quilt properly, and have decided that it will feature a Mariners Compass centre.  The two tone silk satin I ordered from eBay arrived on Thursday afternoon, just before I set out for the AGM, so I've been working out various details now I've seen the fabric.  I think it might end up being a magazine project too.

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Have just "joined" the facebook group. Have followed Sarah on her blog when she posts posts but did not want to join another group as groups are taking over my facebook and I like FB for family and friends... maybe I need a new name....