Thursday, 7 May 2015

Summerhouse and web domains

Photos from Sunday evening, when the rain stopped and Glyn managed to get the barge boards onto the back of the summerhouse.  He had a little toast to celebrate.

No more progress to report at the moment, as we have had torrential rain.  Tuesday was the worst, when it absolutely poured down.  I have quite enjoyed watching the rain drip off the ends of the barge boards.

My second web domain,, has been linked to my main web domain this morning,, and my old site is only available at for a short time now.

I heard about the earthquakes at Mount Hakone this morning too.  We were there in January.

The car park at Owakudani station is deserted now.  I hope people nearby are safe and there is no major eruption.  We felt very aware of the tragedy at Mount Ontake while we were at Owakudani.

You can see the steam vents in the background.

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