Saturday, 2 May 2015

Summerhouse - cutting the barge boards

We started on the barge boards by marking the position of the roof joists and rafters on the back of the first board and I sketched the design straight onto the board.  It was the easiest way, rather than drawing a pattern and then having to transfer it.

I'd forgotten how far the rafters come down the back of the boards, so the cutouts can't go too high up on them and I've had to simplify my ideas for clouds and karakusa-style leaves and use comma (tomoe) cutouts and simpler leaves. We are using UPVC plastic boards to keep maintenance minimal, so we can't carve the design in the same way as the boards I saw at Kyu Abumiya in Sakata or at the shrine at Mt Iwaki (painted in black & red) shown in my previous post - instead, Glyn is cutting out my design, so the barge boards will look a little like the ornate barge boards on many cottages in our village, but with a subtle design difference.

 Most of the motifs can be started by drilling out with a 1-inch (2.5mm) drill bit.


Even the more complex shapes, like the scrolling leaves, are a series of drilled holes linked.

Luckily for me, Glyn is very good with a jigsaw!

The onigawara - the first one, with the kanji for 'day' is for the front.

There are holes so it can be held in place with bolts and washers.

'Moon', for the back of the summerhouse.

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