Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - Part 3

'Flowers of the Four Seasons' - ' Japan’s top quilt artists express their sentiment for flowers in their new pieces.'

This was an invited exhibit and not part of the competition.  As in 2015, some of my favourite quilts in the whole show were in this section. 

I love the way Sachiko Yoshida has used vintage kimono fabrics, mainly chirimen, to make an array of applique blocks featuring asagao or morning glories in every imaginable colour combination.  This was the quilt I would most like to have taken home.

'Bloom over Time' by Kyoko Yoshida used old fabrics in tiny pieces to creat the illusion of curves.

Emiko Toda Loeb's two sided quilt was Glyn's favourite.  

The fabrics used for this are so subtle.

More exquisite vintage fabric, this time including a lot of shibori, giving a dappled effect to the surface.

I love modern fabrics with words used by a lot of Japanese quilters.

More vintage chirimen (crepe) silk.

From traditionally interpreted wisteria to modern abstract flowers...

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