Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - Part 4

'Framed Quilt' is a category we no longer have at any of the UK shows, although there used to be a framed category at the Great Northern Quilt Show.  It would be a good category to reintroduce, as there are often quilts entered into the 'Miniatures' category at UK shows which are just small quilts and really not miniatures at all.  'Framed' could be a more appropriate category.  I'll start with the winners, in order of which I liked most first.

There is a mixture of abstract and more representational works in this category.  I like both.

This picture of bamboo shoots reminds me a little of the appliques of Edrica Huws, although the technique is completely different (Edrica's work used raw edges).

I liked the minimalist feeling of the picture below - 

There are many different styles of framing as well.

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