Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Spring Quilt Festival, Harrogate

I will be at the Spring Quilt Festival at Harrogate every day from Friday to Sunday, and the Sashiko from Scotland samplers will be on display once again.  This time, I'm hoping to get a chance to see the rest of the quilt exhibition, as there were some stunning quilts on show last weekend.  The Spring Quilt Festivals have the same selection of guest quilts, so you will have more chances to see these further south in the UK before the quilts return to their makers.  Maureen's quilt (bottom left in photo above) joined the others on Saturday, now home from a trip to Japan, where it was shown at Yuza Sashiko's exhibition in September.

Fiona is working on her 'official' class sampler now, but if you like the green fabric from Nukumori Koubou, I've managed to get it in stock again.

Also coming in time for the show are Tulip sashiko needles.  I tried these excellent needles at the quilt show in Tokyo last month, and have decided to stock them, as well as the Clover needles.  They are great value with six needles in the pack, and the packaging is just gorgeous, with a little corked 'glass' (actually plastic) tube inside the cardboard box, so you can store your sashiko needles safely.  If you open the box from the bottom, you don't need to break the pretty Tulip seal on the red cord either. They will be £7 per pack.

I will be getting Clover needles back in stock soon, but I have had to find a new stockist for them, as EQS have stopped stocking all Clover products!  So we will be using Tulip needles in the one hour sashiko class this time.

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