Friday, 3 March 2017

Cinnabar and Nutmeg

Sue Webb posted these photos of her version of Cinnabar and Nutmeg on the UKQU Facebook page today and said it was OK for me to copy them here. She wrote -

Finished piecing my largest ever quilt last night. It is the Susan Briscoe pattern from the supplement in Today's Quilter some time ago. It's not perfect but I am pleased as it's certainly the best I have done. Now to see about having it long arm quilted.

It looks pretty much perfect to me.  It will really suit longarm quilting.  The V&A quilt that inspired it doesn't have very fancy quilting, just a pattern of circles, which the online catalogue describes as 'wineglass' i.e. interlocked circles, but looks more like circles that just touch.  Unfortunately the one time I saw the V&A quilt was at the quilt exhibition there in 2010 and there was total visual overload with so many quilts, so remembering the exact details of the quilting pattern is really difficult.

I had to do a bit of a double take when I saw the photos!  Sue's quilt is above and mine is below. She has done an amazing job of tracking down similar fabrics.  Can't wait to see how she has it quilted.  it looks better on her bed than it would look on either of ours, as we don't have any beds without footboards.


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