Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Quilts in four different exhibitions this weekend - all at once!

If I include my sashiko students' work which will be at the Spring Quilt Festval, Exeter, I will have work in four different exhibitions this weekend.  The sashiko sampler is in 'New Quilting' at the Rheged Centre, near Penrith. I'm not quite sure why the exhibition organisers wanted this one rather than the Denman Kannon, which is the more recent of the two, but it is there anyway.

'Sidmouth Revisited' will be at the Quilter's Guild AGM and Conference weekend in Torquay.  I'm not quite sure where it will be hanging, or whether that part of the conference area will be open to members of the public during the AGM meeting itself, which it was last year in Llandudno.

As previously mentioned, my sashiko students' samplers will be at the Spring Quilt Festival at Exeter.  This is the last time they will be shown together in that exact group, although I hope some of them will be able to be shown at SECC next March and perhaps make a trip to Japan together after that.

My other quilts on show will be at the Prague Patchwork Meeting over the weekend.  Somewhat by accident, these quilts all have a lot of machine work on them and are mostly machine quilted, with the exception of 'Solstice' (above - handquilted) and 'King of Hearts' (below - a mixture of hand and machine work).

'Secret Garden' (below) was long arm quilted by Ferret.

There's a little bit of sashiko inspired quilting on the tiled background on 'Fish and Chips' but the rest is machine applique.

'We are the Champions' (above), done for the 'Going for Gold' challenge at Malvern in 2012, and 'Missenden Now and Then' (below) are 100% machine sewn.  I've sent quilts to Prague that haven't been exhibited a lot before.  I wonder if quilters will think they are different to what they usually think I do, i.e. my Japanese quilts?

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