Saturday, 15 September 2018

Update on Edinburgh classes - 

Main course is cancelled but there will now be a 'reunion' session on 24th November, so I'm collecting names for that. Please bring any current sashiko projects you'd like help with, but I will also have a couple of 'new' patterns to show you. Reiko Domon has included some wonderful patterns by Hokusai in the new Yuza Sashiko book and I want to stitch some of those.

Rice Sack Bag class - places still available on this mini course. 15th December (to start the hitomezashi panels) and 5th January (machine sewing the bag). This is the handbag I usually use (in photo). The latest version is called the 'indestructible', as I've added a lot of little strenghtening pieces inside the bag (finally found a use for those sashiko cloth 1cm leftovers!)  It has an outer pocket and a little 'ticket pocket' detail too.

The remaining date (1st December) I'm going to suggest to Gerald and Alison that I run an 'Exploring Japanese Boro' workshop, with the option to start making one of the boro bags or a boro panel. Since I've got the workroom dates booked, I don't want to waste them.

All individual days and courses are £40 per day. I'll take the bag samples over to Edinburgh Patchwork next Saturday morning, so you can see them in the shop too. UPDATE - I've negotiated a special discount offer for all workshop participants on 24th November, 1st December and 15th December -  20% off marked prices across Edinburgh Patchwork's shop for those attending my classes! A great time to treat yourself for Christmas (on 5th January, the shop will be having their annual sale with even more discounts).

Some of the boro bags - first two mini ones are by Fiona Fitheridge -

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