Friday, 10 May 2019

My latest quilt project

This is a quilt I'm making as a gift, but I don't think it will be spotted on here! The fabric is 'Frida la Catrina' by Alexander Henry, the block layout is my Irori quilt, and the cutting method is from Paula Doyle's 'Easy Stack Quilts'. The fabric takes a bit of prepping before you cut, as the stack of four layers is held together with tailors tacks, so it can't shift, but the result is well worth it! I used 3 metres of fabric, which was a bit of a squeeze for this quilt, which has no sashing to eke out the blocks.  After arranging the cuts to make the most of the figures in the fabric (I didn't want to loose their faces), I assembled a few of the leftovers to fill in the gaps.

Two blocks where the rectangles were pieced from thinner strips.

If you like the effect, there's also a Facebook group you can join to see other Easy Stack quilts made by group members.

It was longarm quilted by Fiona Garth at Quilt Sandwich in Bridlington - the pattern is 'Dahlia', the national flower of Mexico (that's where the quilt will be going to live).

The quilt came back yesterday! Sorry, no photo of the whole quilt top yet, as it rained yesterday evening so I couldn't get a good outdoor shot. here are a few details for now.

We decided to use an off white thread, so it wouldn't make a dark line where it crossed the faces on the quilt.  It gives a lovely delicate effect on the darker background areas.

All I have to do now is bind and label it.  Will post more photos soon.

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