Friday, 21 May 2010

Gresford Craft Group and Wrexham Quilting Circle Exhibition

A message from Val Shields of Gresford Craft Group -

Gresford Summer Shows will be happening - our 30th year! - in the usual two venues of the Parish Church and the Memorial Hall from Tuesday 15th - Friday 18th June - LL12 8PS.

Check out the website here.

I won't be at the exhibition (it clashes with the National Quilt Championships) but some of my quilts will be. I am planning to enter "Butterfly Dance" in the Craft Group exhibition in the church (as it is rather large for the lower ceiling in the Memorial Hall), plus other quilts that were at the Great Northern Quilt Show last September (excluding my "Lulea Blockhus"quilt, unless I can collect it from Teesside) . Debbie Gordon is going to show her lovely version of the "Masu" quilt in the autumn colours (photo in the previous link), probably in the Quilting Circle part of the exhibition. I should also enter the pinwheel quilt I made last year, that was featured in Popular Patchwork, as it hasn't appeared at Gresford yet.

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