Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Village Quilters and Super Strips - update

I did the 'Super Strips' workshop with Village Quilters in April 2011 and as I was driving through Middlesbrough on my way to set up my demo display at Sew Caring Quilters exhibition last Friday, I arranged to drop in and see some of the finished tops and quilts. What an impressive collection! Use the link above to go back to photos of the workshop, where you can see these in the early stages.

This colourful version used a Fabric Freedom strip roll, with lots of metallics - it is very sparkly in real life.

Two Bali Pop 'Cappucino' strip sets made this quilt and matching cushion. This batik set makes a very sophisticated quilt. The diagonal strips and triangle borders at the ends are unique to this quilter's Super Strips and a great way to extend the design.

Moda 'Luna Notte' Jelly Roll -

Also by Moda, French General's 'Maison de Garance' -

A Jelly Roll designed by Sweetwater for Moda (not sure of the collection name) -

This quilt was made from strips cut by the quilter from her stash - carefully chosen for a glowing effect. It feels so cosy!

And a bag made from the scraps, plus a bit extra -

Village Quilters are an industrious group and meet for a full day on the Friday, so they can really get into their projects in the spacious hall. Several Christmas items were well underway. I liked this bunting - must make some for myself sometime.

It was lovely to see so many quilts finished since the workshop and I'm looking forward to working with this group again.


Ferret said...

I love that brown quilt. I hear you got some mince pies too, I am green with envy :)

Susan Briscoe said...

LOL, the brown batik one is so gorgeous, I ended up getting myself two Bali pops in that colourway straight after the April workshops, though needless to say I haven't done anything with them yet (working on a gothic steampunk frock coat this p.m., but cheating with prequilted fabric...!!) The home made mince pies were very impressive too. I think this group definitely has some excellent cooks in it, as well as very productive quilters. :-)